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This is a LEGAL Money Making Machine




Designed by: Theodore Williamson, Attorney at Law  & Sheila Chaney, CPA/Stock Broker

If you’re tired of spending your hard earned money on worthless schemes, yet still need to make a lot of money in a HURRY, this could be the most important message you will ever read.

The Basics:  *Huge profits – You will receive at least $10,000 in 2 weeks!

            *Easiest – Takes less then 1 hour of your time.

            *Fastest – Pays you off completely in 2 weeks.

            *Cheapest – Costs $5.00..  This includes every single expense.

           *Enormous returns – Consistently 60% - 80%

           * No mailing lists or anything else to buy, EVER!

This program was developed for people who aren’t willing to spend a lot of money on a letter program.  It is the most affordable program you will ever see! It was designed so every person could afford to participate, and there are NO empty promises as with every other program.  This one actually works better than it claims!

Please read the following letter to see how it works, and how simple it really is, and how you can receive $10,000 in just 2 weeks!

Even if you are skeptical, you should try this at least once.  It works perfectly for EVERYONE that participates.  You will definitely profit from this one, BIG TIME!  And best of all, it only cost $5.00 total for every single expense!

Dear Friend,

Would you spend $5.00 and 1 hour of your time in order to receive at least $10,000 in 2 weeks from today?  Who wouldn’t?  I developed this program in 2001, after trying several other programs out there, including the 6 & 12 name lists.  I didn’t even receive 1% return from any of those programs, which simply means I didn’t even get back what I had spent to participate.  I wouldn’t recommend any of those programs to anyone.  They cost $100’s to join and the likelihood  of seeing all of the initial investment back is very low.  So, I sat down and developed this program.  I wanted a program that was not only 100% Legal, but also very affordable for every single person to join!  This is what I came up with.  I ran the program for one year before writing this letter.  It has been improved and best of all, it really does work, every single time it is used.  Because of the low investment cost of only $5.00, the return rate is really high.  It ranges anywhere from 60% - 80%!
Our goal is 100% participation, we are almost there.  It is simply the easiest, fastest, and cheapest program you will ever have the opportunity to participate in.  You will receive all profits in 2 weeks.  Now, you’re asking “How is this possible when all other programs only have a 1% or 2% return and they take months?”  The answer is as simple as this program –



Since there are no mailing lists to purchase,  each step of this program is literally shortened by at least a week, which shortens it down to 2 weeks to run the entire program!

1.   You send #20  of this EMAIL with your name in the #4th postition.  That’s right, just 20, not 100, only 20!  You don’t have to send 100’s of  e-mails with this  program because the return is so high.  You should send these e-mails to the people who send you their programs, and the people on those lists, because they are believers, and this program is BETTER, FASTER and CHEAPER than theirs.  You can also send this to people who you know who would participate, or save postage and hand them out.  Of course, you can send them to more than 20 if you want to, there are no limits. And  contact your internet friends.

2.   You give only 1 person $5.00 in position #1. You don’t have to send a bunch of people money, just one.

     This is the overall lowest amount of money you have to give to others of any program.
3.   THAT’S IT!  That’s all you have to do, and in 2 weeks, not months, 1000’s of people will be sending you $5.00 too.  This program pays off completely before any other plan begins to trickle in.

**You should know that this is 100% legal (refer to Title 18, Section 1302 of US Postal Laws).  Everyone who participates in this program will definitely profit from it!  There are No hidden costs or empty promises.  You won’t get $100,000 with only 1 mailing (unless you mail out 200 letters), but you will get at least 60% return in 2 weeks.  You simply can’t lose on this one; the return rates are too high.  Being skeptical is normal, but if you let it run your life, you will NEVER make your dreams come true.  If you need money to pay off bills, buy a new home, a luxury car, education, vacation, or for any reason you want, you should run this program RIGHT NOW!  It will work for you and you will have all of your money in 2 weeks, when you need it, not months from now.  Spend $5.00 right NOW and wait 2 weeks.  You will see that you have nothing to lose.  This program has been tried and proven to work perfectly every single time you use it!  Run it as often as you want to,!

 monthly, weekly, even daily, it’s that affordable!  Just follow the simple instructions and in a couple of weeks, you will be on your way to FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

HERE ARE THE SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS – Follow them exactly and honestly.
Immediately write your name and address & email address & the word “GIFT” on a sheet of paper and put a five dollar currency note in between the sheet of paper and fold it and put in an envelope and write the name and postal address of the person at no. 1 position mentioned below.

Send the envelope by post  to the person in the number one position below..  This is the most important step.  It is what makes the program  legal.  If you skip this step, you aren’t only participating dishonestly but illegally as well.  Remember, you reap what you sow.


After this send an email to the 4th person on the list saying " Thanks I have joined ".
This is to let the person in position # 4 know you have joined.

FIRST Click on FORWARD*********Then you can change Names, and data below.

Then send to your email address. Now you can select all, and copy to all of your friends.

Remove  the number one person’s name from the list (to whom you have sent the $5.00 gift). If you hit FORWARD ON THIS (email)PROGRAM-YOU WILL BE ABLE TO CHANGE YOUR INFO-ITS VERY EASY TO DO- Re-type  and move each of the remaining three names on the list up one position and place your full name and complete address at   no. 4 position. Then start Emailing it out!

      1.  Pedro Odiake

           Kirchbachstrasse 13,
           8600 Dubendorf,

Mr. Altaf Amin
           P. O. Box 2713
           Doha - Qatar

Tammy Parks
           229 Pinetree Circle
           Griffin GA 30223
           U. S. A.

      4.   Mr. Sayed Salim  
            185 Nishan Pada Road, 1st Floor, Room No.1
            Dongri, Mumbai - 400 009, India.
            ( email :  globalvillage93@gmail.com )

The more e-mails you send the more money you will receive in approximately 2 weeks.That’s it!  Now relax and wait approximately 2 weeks.  Your name will reach the #1 position and you will receive your gifts.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  Quit procrastinating and do it right away.  You have nothing to lose and a lot of $5 bills to gain.  Think about it!  Can you afford not to participate?  So join us, we will prove to you in 2 short weeks, that it really works even better than we claim.  I believe completely in this short program, and I believe in the American Dream..  Try it once and you will too!  You will want to run this program over and over again.  I am naturally a very skeptical person, I have to see to believe.  The only way to erase any doubts you have is to try it.  After you have been in the club for a few months, you will start to see a pattern on the list of names you receive.  This pattern just means that those people are forming a circle of club members who participate.

I don’t believe in coddling those who aren’t willing to help others or themselves.  This is straight out the EASIEST, SIMPLEST, and FASTEST way to get the money you need fast. when you need it.  Invest a little time and money right now and you will be rewarded thousands of times over in 2 weeks.  I have a very successful practice.  I don’t need the money, this is for my clients and I hope this program has given you the incentive to change your life starting right now.
Very Truly yours,

Theodore Williamson, Attorney at Law

This is a very limited and rightly controlled offer.  You were virtually hand picked to receive it.  If you are not interested in making money, throw this offer away, otherwise read on.

Actual testimonials from participants

Hello, I joined this just to see if it worked as well as it claimed since the investment was so low, I wasn’t worried about getting a huge return.  I figured if it didn’t work, I was only out $5.  IT DID WORK!  Even better than I ever imagined.  I received almost $40,000 in cash in 2 weeks!  I was amazed, and still am!  It made me a believer.  I participated often, sometimes more than once a week.  I have received enough from this program to pay off all my debts, and I had a lot of them.  I brought my wife a new Jaguar with cash, and I bought myself a new Cadillac with cash!  I never thought in my widest dreams, that would ever happen!  We had always driven our cars until they fell apart; old clumkers.  Not anymore.  We are going to Hawaii this winter, can’t wait!  Even if you are skeptical; you should try this program, because it works, I AM LIVING PROOF!  You will probably see my name on this list several times in the future.  I hope to see your too!  BEST WISHES! K.!

When I received this email, I was skeptical.  Who wouldn’t be?  But my wife told me to try it.  She said we couldn’t afford not to, and SHE WAS RIGHT!  We have never tried any other program before because we could not afford to spend over $100 on something that may not work.  I am very happy to say that we received enough to pay off our house, buy new vehicles and go on the honeymoon of a lifetime!  It is that simple!  You will want to do this over and over again.  The sooner you act, the sooner you will have all the money you will need!  Sincerely, Thomas Anderson

My name is Rochelle Jackson, and I have tried several of the programs out there; to no avail.  I didn’t even receive close to what I spent to join.  When I received this one, it seemed to have a little different twist.  Since it only cost $5.00; I joined immediately!  13 days after I sent my letters, I started to receive $5 bills in the mail.  By the 15th day, I had received over $27,000 in cash.  I have run this program consistently for 6 months now, and I have received over $820,000 in cash!  I paid off all my debts, bought a new home and my dream car and will be taking my family on an around the world cruise.

My name is Kevin Adams, and my story is simple.  I wasn’t losing anything yet.  I ran the club because it was so cheap and I wanted to see if it worked.  My family was doing alright, we paid our monthly bills, we just couldn’t get ahead no matter how hard we worked..  Twelve days after we sent out letters, we received $285.  By the end of the 16th day, we had received a total of $40,955.00!  This club has helped immensely and I will be forever grateful to the folks that created it and folks that participated, they helped us too.

 I hope that everyone has the guts to help others and themselves!  This is the one thing you can do that will accomplish both.  You have to try this.  It only cost $5 bucks!  That is less than a night out on the town at Wendy’s.

Good luck to everyone; this will work for you, I PROMISE!  Change your life starting right NOW!  Send your gift and your EMAILS out today, and see for yourself.  BE HONEST & IT WORKS

Sayed Salim


                                          Good luck and God bless!